Milton Ball Hockey Tournament Rules 


1. Each team can have a maximum of 10 people on its roster. 

2. Tournament is open to all ages from 6 years to adult. Male, Female and Co-ed teams are acceptable. 

3. Youth games will be played against similar age groups. 

4. All games will be played with 3 players plus 1 goaltender. 

5. No roster substitutions once the tournament begins. 

6. Games and halves will begin with a face-off. 

7. There will be no stoppage in play for substitutions during games, changes will occur on the fly. 

8. No goaltender changes can be made during the game, unless an injury occurs. 

9. Standard hockey rules apply (no hand passes or kicked in goals) 

10. If the all goes out of play, the official will determine the team that caused the ball to go out and it will be given to the opposing team 

11. When the ball is covered by the goaltender, the defending team gets  possession of the ball. 


12. Each game will be played in 30-minute allotments. This includes two 10 minute halves, a 2 minute half-time break, and 3 minutes of warm-up time and 5 minutes to allow for teams to move on and off the playing surface. 



13. There shall be no slashing, hooking, tripping, crosschecking, high sticking, or inappropriate stick work of any kind. If this occurs, a penalty shot will be awarded to the opposing team immediately after the offence. If a more serious offence occurs, it is up to the discretion of the official to remove the individual from the game. 

14. Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in the individual(s) being removed from the tournament. 

15. There will be no pushing, shoving, checking or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind. Doing so will result in a penalty shot for the opposing team, and may be more severely punished at the discretion of the official. 

16. Slapshots (any shot where the wind up comes above the knee) will NOT be allowed, and will result in a turnover of possession.

17. Any player on the surface may take a penalty shot for a team, it does not have to be the infracted player.  



18. Players must be equipped with the following: gloves, stick and running shoes. Helmets are recommended, but are only mandatory for those under the age of 16. Teams are responsible for coordinating their own jerseys. 

19. Goaltenders are required to bring their own full equipment: Helmet, blocker, catcher, chest protector, goalie still and pads are required. 

20. Any kid of stick is acceptable as long as it is not deemed as dangerous (ie. Chipped or sharp) 


21. The tournament will be held outdoors and will proceed rain, snow or shine! Please dress appropriately according to weather conditions.